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The fitzpatrick's

The jenkins' legacy

In 1981 an entrepreneur saw a niche in the Southern Tier and began buying and selling quality fruits and vegetables to local restaurants, colleges and other fine establishments. He quickly established himself as the area's premier produce supplier. In 1996, Charles FitzPatrick purchased this produce business, and named it FitzPatrick Produce. Shortly thereafter, Charles' eldest son, Shane FitzPatrick returned from active duty military and the two joined forces to make up the team operating the business. Charles and Shane continued to provide excellent service and quality for the next thirteen years. In 2011, Charles' youngest son, C.J., returned from active duty military and also began working in the family business.

In 2014, Shane and C.J. FitzPatrick decided to expand. They purchased Jenkins Farm Market and Deli from Keith and Fay Jenkins, continuing the many traditions that the Jenkins family created! They also added Tuesday Night Cruise Night, and expanded the menu in the kitchen. 

In 2017, Shane and C.J. decided it was time, and changed the name of Jenkins Farm Market & Deli to FitzPatrick Farm Market & Deli.

The FitzPatrick's understand the importance of supporting local business and the local community. Shane and C.J. are proud to sell local produce whenever possible! 

in 1937 John Aukland Sr. came from Quakertown, PA to Arkport, NY to buy 
celery.  When he saw the muckland's black soil, he bought the farm on the spot.  From 1937 to 1946, John's father Sam spent his summer days and nights tending the lettuce and celery crops growing on their new farm. Post-WWII, John moved to Arkport and expanded the farm into several hundred 
acres where they eventually added onions, carrots, radishes, and spinach to their planting variety, and the farm became known as John Aukland and Sons. Crops at this point were exported to Quakertown and Philadelphia, PA.  

From 1954 to 1958, John's grandson, Don Jenkins, came in summers during high school to help on the farm.  Upon graduating high school and marrying his high school sweetheart, Jan, they moved together to Arkport to work with his grandfather and uncle. In 1969, Don and Jan bought the Weld farm and opened Jenkins Farm Market in 1972 to sell locally grown vegetables.  In that same year, Don's son, Keith, started working the farm with his father around age 12. Not too much later, Keith's would-be bride, Fay, joined the team.  
In 1991, missing the meats and cheese's of their heritage, Don and Jan opened a deli with all the tasty Dutch Country meats and cheeses now available locally. 

In 1998, the operation passed on to Keith and Fay, and Jenkins Farm Market and Deli began operating year round with a bakery and ice cream service, and eventually a greenhouse and garden center was added.  The latest major addition, Jenkin's Chicken and Ribs BBQ, had become a Saturday tradition for many far and wide.